17/10/2017 (Español) cartografía crítica del agua en Valparaíso         14/11/2016 (Español) grupo de lectura/activación sobre la obra de Félix Guattari en Valparaíso         27/10/2015 (Español) Ideas y experiencias en la Bienal de La Habana 2015     

Diagrammatic display of fields of action and production of CRAC Valparaiso.

About Us

CRAC Valparaiso is a collaborative non-profit platform that focuses on different socio-artistic productions over the city of Valparaiso, Chile. CRAC is an independent project with a flexible and autonomous management model that has been self-sustained since 2007.

CRAC Valparaiso is a centre for residencies aimed to artists and researchers. The residents are open to experiment with temporary actions that will directly involve the local community such as talks, workshops, performances, seminars and so on.

The artistic residencies to be developed at CRAC are understood as city practices and methods of public presentations and workshops that feed and activate our archive which is based on cultural exchange of knowledge.

Beside the residency program we offer a public community archive with a printed publication and a digital publisher.

Our idea is to rethink from a Latin American city what public art means in relation to other cities. We have worked with a number of different platforms, groups, artists and researches that encourage decentralised collaborative practice.

Our interest is to contribute to the debate on the possibilities of collective citizenships and artistic practices. Thus develop, re-think and re-design participatory common policies on sustainable development in our culture, social spaces and society by promoting autonomy and transversal knowledge on contemporary disciplines.

We think our commitment to work in Valparaiso city centring our practice in art and contemporary thought could create new lines of creative development. We strongly believe in collaborative networks, in the exchange of work models, in solidarity and in generosity. We strongly believe that in our knowledge lies the hope to create common public spaces accessible to a diverse audience.

Contact us: contacto@cracvalparaiso.org




Each residency requires mediation and translation tools. These interactions are determined by ways of relating to each other, by everyday situations such as going out for lunch, city and traffic signals that we need to move around a city or even when one wants to go to sleep. The ability to self-lead oneself at a specific event or moment in time is what we understand as ‘residency’.

CRAC keeps record of all the artists and researches’ residencies information/material such as interventions, workshops, conferences, etc.

The residency program is a flexible model, one can propose directly to CRAC a specific project that they want to develop or they can apply when CRAC calls for an open residency.

CRAC publishes its residencies every now and then in its website and via its monthly newsletter.

You can register to the newsletter by emailing residencias@cracvalparaiso.org



In this section you find all happenings/actions that come out of exhibitions, curatorial project, public lectures, outdoor performances or seminars. These actions want to dialogue in tension and friction with other artistic practices and fields of thought.


Container Archive

Container Archive is a pedagogical and community initiative that activates and distributes CRAC’s material that we have been receiving and collecting during the past years. Our collection has been mostly made by donations from individuals and institution although our journeys to other cities have contributed enormously.

Partly, the core of this archive is to identify and present methodologies based on experience, self-management, cultural sustainability as well as the economy of independent art spaces in various cities around Latin America and other continents too.

What and how many?

The collection has various kinds of documents such as books, catalogues, brochures, CDs, postcards, etc. They are mostly publications of independent spaces and experimental initiatives from the Latin American context. We also have material from visual artists and researchers, which has been directly donated to us.

What purpose and Why?

Our idea is to build up this archive that will develop varied content/information/practices on contemporary art, the public sphere, the city and territory in the most diverse manner expanding its uses and definitions to contemporary culture.

Our aim is that anyone who wants to read, watch and investigate this material can have free public access, keeping some agreements in relation to our everyday functioning as an office.

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Residencies Archive: In this section you find all the records of the artists and researches that have been in residency at CRAC.

Independent Spaces:  In this section you find documents that explore different ways of knowledge production and a wide range of methods to understand self-management and cultural sustainability. Material with personal analysis from different independent projects, programs, publishers emerge new knowledge regarding independent spaces. These experiences and experiments can be found in books, films, workshop, artists’ residencies, conversations etc.The core of this archive part is to identify and present the work´s methodologies based on xperience, management, self management and cultural sustainability economy of independent art spaces in various cities in Latin America and other geographies.

General Archive: From various agreements with institutions, universities, museums and art centres, the archive regularly receives a number of publications that are available to the public. These publications address issues on contemporary art, public sphere, city and territory. In this section you find books, catalogues, magazines, posters, CDs, DVDs, among others.


Every two years there is a publication that contains information and articles of specific projects that had happened at CRAC during those years as well as other documented material from projects abroad. Also one can find CRAC’s notebooks in a printed and digital format that can be accessed from the website or CRAC office. The idea is that they can be accessed by local artists as well as foreign, creating links over cities, opening up possibilities for artists and researchers.

If you would like to get involved in CRAC book-works write to contacto@cracvalparaiso.org


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Some projects are developed for other CRAC frameworks, both in the same city and abroad. In this space are recorded CRAC these collaborations with other agents in the field of education and culture and efforts of our Center to other places of residence for local artists to access the various programs offered.



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